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Crystalrockology brand specializes in high quality Crystals at affordable prices!


CrystalRockology specializes in quality Crystals, Minerals and Stones at affordable prices. A knowledgeable Crystal Shop that intuitively and lovingly selects from sources around the world. Collectors and Healers, We're Your  Crystals and Minerals Source!

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Noble Serpentine as known as Healerite is only found in Washingston State.

Noble Serpentine | Healerite Tumbled Stone | Crystals

From  $7.77

1 Rose Quartz Palmstone | Palm Stone with Asterism | A Grade Highest Quality!

Chalcedony Cup new find from Arizona.
UV reactive Chalcedony cup

Chalcedony Cup Quartz Variety UV Fluoresces Arizona 148 grams

Wonderful Pink Amethyst rosette formations exhibit superbly in the pocket and near the edge of the geode specimen.
This is a gorgeous, quality Pink Amethyst Geode specimen featuring beautiful, shiny rosette formations and a cluster of crystals perched on a bridge structure.

Pink Amethyst Crystals Geode Rosette Bridge Formations | 58 grams

This is a beautiful, quality Pink Amethyst Geode featuring exposed (rather than deep in a pocket) shiny crystals, some that are double terminated along the edge of the specimen.
The largest Pink Amethyst crystal in the specimen presents exceptionally, perched prominently above the accompanying crystals in the cluster.

Pink Amethyst Crystals Geode Double Terminated | 51 grams

This is an excellent Pink Amethyst Crystals Geode specimen to display or add to a collection; it has an extraordinary presentation!
This is a fascinating, unusual, tube-like, quality Pink Amethyst Crystals Geode featuring deep, dark pink crystals, some presenting with intriguing phantoms and zoning in the smaller end of the specimen.

Pink Amethyst Crystals Extraordinary Tube Geode | 212 grams

Vogel Crystal, 12 sided polished.

Vogel Amethyst Crystal 104grams 12 sided | Energy Work

Vogel Crystal with Rainbow inclusions.

Vogel Amethyst Crystal 180grams 12 sided | Energy Work

8th Vein Marovato Madagascar Ocean Jasper

Rare Ocean Jasper Marovato 8th Vein 41gram Palmston

8th Vein Marovato Palmstone
8th Vein Marovato Ocean Jasper Palmstone

Rare Ocean Jasper Marovato 8th Vein 65gram Palmston

Danburite Crystal with nice clarity and rainbows.

Danburite Crystal 38rams | Metaphysical Synergy 12 Stone

Epidote with Quartz Crystal cluster shown on base in hand.

Epidote Crystals Lustrous Fan Bowtie Shaped on Quartz Khenifra Morocco 29g

It's truly wonderful when one finds a specimen crowded with so many gemmy Vanadinite crystals!
Sensational, deep, dark red, red-orange Vanadinite crystals with fine formation are growing excellently all over this specimen.

Vanadinite Sparkling Crystals Cluster Complete Coverage 70g

Not many specimens like this one. This is a less common, exceptional, lustrous, water clear translucent Calcite specimen from Medford Quarry, Maryland, with Manganese bearing Todorokite inclusions that give the crystals an exotic appearance.
The interiors of the Calcite where the Todorokite inclusions occur cause the crystals to present with an intriguing "garden quartz" or "lodolite" appearance.

Calcite Todorokite Inclusions Translucent Medford Quarry Maryland

Beautiful Fluorite in Quartz Cluster

Fluorite New Find! SuperNova Pocket 325grams

Beautiful Fluorite on in Quartz Crystal mineral.

Fluorite New Find! SuperNova Pocket 211grams

Supernova Fluorite in a Quartz Cluster with sparkling druzy quartz.
Beautiful Fluorite from the new find Supernova pocket in England.

Fluorite New Find! SuperNova Pocket 378grams

Large Cubed Fluorite from the Supernova pocket Diana Maria mine.
Supernova pocket uv reactive Fluorite

Fluorite New Find! SuperNova Pocket 322grams


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