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Grape Agate Amethyst large rare specimen

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CrystalRockology specializes in quality Crystals, Minerals and Stones at affordable prices. A knowledgeable Crystal Shop that intuitively and lovingly selects from sources around the world. 

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Ruby Kyanite polished tumbled stones

Ruby Kyanite Polished Tumbled Stones


Labradorite Medium Flashy Palm Stone, "A Grade" Healing Crystal


Chevron Amethyst Large Stone | High Quality Polished Palmstone

Beautiful Kamababa Jasper with swirls and orbs in black and green. Tumbled polished stones.

2 Kambaba Jasper Tumbled Stones


1 Rose Quartz Palmstone | Palm Stone with Asterism | A Grade Highest Quality!


1 Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone | Palm Stone | Grounding

Fairy Holes Pocket beautiful twinning Crystals

Fluorite Fairy Holes Pocket England 79grams

Pink Amethyst with Calcite Crystals.

Pink Amethyst Geode Crystals Double Term. Calcite | 60 grams

Pink Amethyst Crystal Geode with Rosettes

Pink Amethyst Crystal Geode Specimen | 102 grams

This is an excellent deep, darker pink, higher quality, Pink Amethyst Crystals Geode specimen featuring an abundance of lustrous crystals presenting in fascinating arrays and clusters with wonderfully contrasting manganese glazed Calcite crystals, one of which appears large and prominently near the center of the specimen.
Absolutely crowded with superbly formed Pink Amethyst crystals, both primary and smaller secondary growth crystals present beautifully.

Deep Pink Amethyst Crystals Geode Manganese Calcite | 159 grams

This is a cavernous, quality, beautiful Pink Amethyst Crystals Geode specimen featuring wonderful depth, exceptionally well formed water clear calcite crystals near the edge of the specimen and a secondary growth small calcite crystals bridge deep in the pocket.
Many densely packed Pink Amethyst crystals line the walls of this excellent geode specimen.

Cavernous Pink Amethyst Crystals Geode Clear Calcite | 203 grams

This is a fascinating, quality, Pink Amethyst Crystals Geode specimen featuring a beautiful rosette formation, double terminated crystals perched near the center of the pocket and contrasting  manganese imbued calcite crystals.
The majority of the terminations of the crystals, both primary and secondary growth,  are excellent in this Pink Amethyst Crystals Geode specimen.

Pink Amethyst Crystals Geode Rosette Double Terminated | 118 grams

Fairy Holes pocket Fluorite from the Lady Annabella mine

Fluorite Fairy Holes Pocket England 137g


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