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Grape Agate Amethyst large rare specimen

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Beautiful Kamababa Jasper with swirls and orbs in black and green. Tumbled polished stones.

2 Kambaba Jasper Tumbled Stones


1 Rose Quartz Palmstone | Palm Stone with Asterism | A Grade Highest Quality!


1 Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone | Palm Stone | Grounding


Labradorite Medium Flashy Palm Stone, "A Grade" Healing Crystal

This is a gorgeous, large Gypsum-Selenite Rose, with larger size, thick crystals that present bladed with wide faces and beautiful white frosted looking edges.
This large Gypsum - Selenite Rose cluster of crystals presents with a terrific flower like structure.

Gypsum-Selenite Large Rose Cluster Frosted Edges 277g

This is a high quality dark Pink Amethyst and Calcite crystals geode exhibiting excellent color.
There is much to discover in this exceptional Pink Amethyst Geode specimen, including calcite crystals, some with manganese included, that also have a nice shine.

High Quality Dark Pink Amethyst & Calcite Geode 167g

Here are two beautiful Pyrite Cubes in matrix that display excellently.
This higher quality Pyrite Cube specimen, in a limestone matrix, was obtained from a family that carefully extracts some of the best Pyrite available in the world from their mine, Alcarama mountain-chain, in Navajun. La Rioja, Spain.

Two Pyrite Cubes on Matrix Beautiful High Quality 43g

This is a beautiful Rosasite with Calcite on Limonite specimen from the Ojuela Mine, Mapimi Municipality, Durango, Mexico.
This botryoidal or mammillary Rosasite presents with a variance of hues; excellent, deep, dark blue, blue-green, and light blue color and appears covered by sparkling Calcite in some areas of the specimen.

Rosasite with Calcite on Limonite Ojuela Mine 63g

This is an outstanding, quality Moroccan Agate specimen, polished on one side, that presents with banding and sparkling, crystalline center growth and pocket.
Some of the excellent features of this agate from Morocco include detailed, layered banding and the appearance of rarer pseudomorph agate, or stick agate occurrences on each end of the piece.

Agate Gorgeous Patterns Crystalline Pocket Polished Asni Morocco 234g

This is a beautiful Rosasite with Hemimorphite on Limonite minerals specimen from the Ojuela Mine, Mapimi Municipality, Durango, Mexico.
The botryoidal Rosasite in this specimen presents predominantly with an excellent, deep dark blue, blue-green color.

Rosasite with Hemimorphite on Limonite Ojuela Mine 51g

This is an exceptional, Hematite included, quality Moroccan Agate specimen, polished on one side, that presents with banding, fortification, with colorful mossy occurrences.
This gorgeous, colorful agate is from the volcanic outcrops in and near Asni Cercle, Al Haouz Province, Marrakesh - Tensift El Haouz Region, Morocco.

Agate with Hematite Polished Asni Morocco 209g

Fluorite, Zogno Italy with stepping and etching

Fluorite Rare Zogno Mine Italy

New Find Fluorite with Schorl Erongo Namibia
Fluorite with Schorl from New Find 2023 Namibia

Fluorite w/ Schorl | Lollipop Pocket Erongo Namibia 2023 Find! Exhaused Mine

Aquamarine and Schorl Namibia
Aquamarine and Schorl Mineral Erongo Namibia

Aquarmarine Crystal with Schorl - Erongo Namibia

Stilbite, Calcite, Chalcedony mineral combination.
Cluster of Stilbite, Calcite, Chalcedony mineral

White Stilbite, Calcite, Chalcedony Crystal | Zeolite | 41grams


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