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Palmstones showing 3 polished, oval stones in hand.

Palmstones | Palm Stones

Crystal Palmstones are excellent for Pocket Stones, Crystal Grids, Crystal Healing, Energywork, Meditation, Collections and more. 

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Noble Serpentine as known as Healerite is only found in Washingston State.

Noble Serpentine | Healerite Tumbled Stone | Crystals

From  $7.77
Snowflake Obsidian Palmstone with beautiful black and white snowflakes.

Snowflake Obsidian Polished Palm Stone for Protection & Grounding


1 Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone | Palm Stone | Grounding


Labradorite Medium Flashy Palm Stone, "A Grade" Healing Crystal


Natural Amethyst Crystal Cluster Specimen 1.5"-3" Medium Crystals


Chevron Amethyst Large Stone | High Quality Polished Palmstone

Tanzberry, Cherry Quartz spheres, shown in hand.
Tanzberry, Cherry Quartz Crystal

Cherry Tanzberry Quartz Crystal Sphere


1 Rose Quartz Palmstone | Palm Stone with Asterism | A Grade Highest Quality!


Lapis Lazuli Some Larger Tumbled Stone | Natural Polished | High Quality

Amethyst Palmstones three pieces shown in hand

Amethyst Crystal Cluster Specimen 1"-2"

8th Vein Marovato Madagascar Ocean Jasper

Rare Ocean Jasper Marovato 8th Vein 41gram Palmston

8th Vein Marovato Palmstone
8th Vein Marovato Ocean Jasper Palmstone

Rare Ocean Jasper Marovato 8th Vein 65gram Palmston

Beautiful Ocean Jasper with obicular patterns in Lavendar colors.
Ocean Jasper large palmstone, banding in colors of lavendar

Ocean Jasper Palmstone 119g | Crystal Healing Stones

Ocean Jasper large Palmstones, three shown in hand, each different.
Ocean Jasper 3 large palmstones shown in hand choice of A, B, C

Ocean Jasper Palmstone Large | Crystal Healing Stones

Rainbow Moonstone polished tumbled stones with blue fluroscense.

Rainbow Moonstone | Polished Tumbled Stone | Crystals

From  $8.44

Labradorite Gorgeous Flash | Electric Blue, Pink | 291g


Gold Sheen Obsidian PalmStone 270g | Grounding Crystal


Gold Sheen Obsidian PalmStone 253g | Grounding Crystal


Labradorite Orange Sunset Free Form | Super Flashy Crystal | 2.25lbs or 1020grams!


Seafoam Calcite Palm Stone | Caribbean Blue| Healing Crystal


Flower Agate Larger Gallet Palmstone | 340grams Crystals for Healing


Rose Quartz Polished Stone "A Grade" LOVE


Seafoam Calcite Palm Stone - Healing Crystal, Peaceful Meditation Stone


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