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Danburite  larger specimen, soft pink undertones shown in a display case


Danburite lends a sense of joy and communion with the Divine. Angelic Communication. Activates the third eye, crown and etheric Chakras. Excellent for help with finding peace, easing away stress, worry and anxiety. Soothes the emotional body, bringing comfort and angelic rescue. Reiki energy stone. Syngery 12 crystal. Excellent for meditation and spiritual communion.

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Danburite Crystal with nice clarity and rainbows.

Danburite Crystal 38rams | Metaphysical Synergy 12 Stone

Nice sized Danburite Crystals.

Danburite Crystal | 179grams | Metaphysical Crystal | Synergy 12 Stone


Danburite Crystal Large 64grams | Metaphysical Synergy 12 Stone

Danburite large Crystal perfect for Metaphysical uses.

Danburite Crystal Large 136grams | Metaphysical Synergy 12 Stone


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