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Columbian Quartz Lemurian Pena Blanca Crystals

Columbian Quartz Lemurian Pena Blanca Crystals

Exceptional Water Clear Columbian Lemurian Quartz.

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Columbian Quartz Crystal Point laser with good clarity and striations.

Columbian Quartz Pena Blanca 122gram | Water Clarity Lemurian Crystal

Columbian Quartz Crystal Lemurian formation from Penas Blanca Mine.

Columbian Quartz Pena Blanca 89gram | Water Clarity Lemurian Crystal

Exceptional Penas Blancos Columbian quartz, water clear Lemurian Crystal

Columbian Quartz Pena Blanca 138gram | Water Clarity A+ Quality | Lemurian Cluster


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