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CrystalRockology is Tumbled Stones Headquarters. We carry a large selection of tumbled, polished, crystals, gems, minerals and stones.

Tumbled Stones Headquarters!

Pocket Stones, Healing Crystal Stones, Chakra Stones, Energy Balancing Stones, Meditation Stones, Crystal Grid Stones, Collector Stones.  

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Noble Serpentine aka Healerite Washington State mineral.
Noble Serpentine Healerite Washington State

Noble Serpentine | Healerite Tumbled Stone | Larger-Sized Polished Crystals

Noble Serpentine Medium polished tumbled stones
Noble Serpentine medium sized palmstones natural polished tumbled.

Noble Serpentine | Healerite Tumbled Stone | Medium-Sized Polished Crystals

Chrysoprase polished tumbled smooth stones 4 fit in the palm of hand.

Chrysoprase Tumbled Stone

Noble Serpentine polished tumbled stones
Noble Serpentine Polished tumbled stones

Noble Serpentine | Healerite Tumbled Stone | Polished Crystals

Beautiful soft pink Mangano Calcite tumbled stones. Three pieces shown in hand.
Pink Mangano Calcite a heart Chakra stone.

Pink Mangano Calcite Polished Tumbled Stone

Malachite tumbled, polished Crystals.

Malachite Tumbled Stone | Polished Stone


Shungite Polished Tumbled Stone, Protection, EMF


Sodalite " Diamond" Darkest Blue Polished Tumbled Stones

Beautiful Kamababa Jasper with swirls and orbs in black and green. Tumbled polished stones.

2 Kambaba Jasper Tumbled Stones

High quality polished Tigers Eye stones
Tiger's Eye polished larger sized stones

Tigers Eye Polished Stones | CrystalRockology

Tigers Eye tumbled small polished stone 7 pieces shown in hand.

Tigers Eye | Tiger Eye Polished Small/Medium | Tumbled Stones

Rainbow Moonstone polished tumbled stones with blue fluroscense.

Rainbow Moonstone | Polished Tumbled Stone | Crystals

From  $8.44
Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stones 1 inch size range

1 Black Tourmaline Polished Tumbled Stone, Protection & Grounding Stone

Amethyst tumbled stones medium to large in size.

Amethyst Crystal Tumbled Stone "A Grade" Polished Crystals

Angelite is a high vibration stone sourced from Peru.

Angelite Tumbled Stones "A Grade" Crystal - Angelic Stone

Sodalite-Polished-Stones shown in hand

Sodalite Polished Small/Medium | Tumbled Stones


Citrine Tumbled Stone "A Grade" Polished Abundance Crystal

Rhodochrosite polished stones shown in hand.
Rhodochrosite polished stones

Rhodochrosite Large Tumbled Stone


Pyrite "A Grade" Tumbled Stone


1 Salrose Tumbled Stone | Polished Salrose Pink Cobaltoan Calcite


Carnelian Polished Tumbled Stone "A Grade"

Honey-Calcite-Polished-Tumbled Stones

2 Honey Calcite Polished Crystal Tumbled Stone


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