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Zeolites are Crystals used for clearing and cleaning negative energy from the enviroment. Used in Feng Shui in home decor' to neutralize negativity. Used in Crystal Healing as a source for helping release negative energy. 

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This is beautiful pearly, bow tie, intermingling Stilbite perched wonderfully at the top of the specimen that also features equally sweet peachy-pink, vitreous fans of Heulandite crystals growing on a bed of fluffy looking Mordenite.
A beautiful pearly luster emanates from both the Stilbite and the Heulandite crystals on this specimen.

Pearly Stilbite Crystals Bow Tie Vitreous Heulandite Zeolite 51g

Truly lovely specimen of a Zeolite with well defined and naturally etched Florapophyllite Crystals, Stilbites, Heulandite cluster.
Closeup of Florapophyllite Crystals in cluster

Florapophyllite, Complex Cluster 50gr. | Zeolites

Nicely formed Apophyllite Crystal Pseduocubic  with Rainbows.

Apophyllite Pseudocubic Crystals | Mirror Like Lustrous Zeolite

Stilbite intergrown bowties Crystal with unique formation.

White Pearly Stilbite Sheaf-like formation- Crystal - Zeolite Crystals

A very unique formation of Prehnite from India.

Prehnite Chalcedony Pseduomorph Crystal Cluster - Zeolite Healing Crystals

Prismatic and Lustrous Apophyllite large Crystal formation.
Super Sparkly Apophyllite large Crystal Cluster.

Apophyllite Crystals on Stalactite, Mirror Like Lustrous 311grams

Very pretty Stilbite on Quartz Chalcedony.

Stilbite Crystals on Stalactites, Lustrous

Outstanding Apophyllite growing a Stalactites, larger size, with mirror like Prismatic Crystals.

Apophyllite Crystals on Stalactite, Mirror Like Lustrous 185gr.

Apophyllite Crystals with Peachy Stilbites in the Zeolite combo cluster.

Apophyllite with Peachy Stilbite Crystals on Stalactites, 98g

Beautiful Apophyllite on staglatite Quartz white cluster.

Apophyllite, Calcite Crystal Cluster on Quartz


Pearly Stilbite Crystals Bow Tie Vitreous Zeolite 28g

Apophyllite-Crystals-Stalactite with water clear crystals

Apophyllite Crystals on Stalactite, Mirror Like Lustrous


Apophyllite, Calcite Crystals Double Terminated


Green Apophyllite & Stilbites on Micromount Heulandites Crystal - Zeolites

Incredible Crystal Specimen of Calcite with rare Gyrolite Spheres and Prehnite  on the Zeolite.

Calcite Crystals with Rare Gyrolite Spheres and Prehnite Specimen - Zeolites Crystals

Gyrolite-Calcite-Crystals rare high quality specimen

Rare Gyrolite Spheres, Calcite, Okenite Crystals - 3.5" Specimen - Zeolites Healing Crystals


Pink Stilbite Crystals on Chalcedony Stalactites Crystal - Zeolite Healing Crystals

One of the best bow tie, sheaf-like white Stilbite specimens we've seen! Absolutely gorgeous, high quality, pearly Stilbite on sparkling base of smaller Stilbite and Heulandite Crystals.

Top White Pearly Stilbite on Heulandite Base Zeolite Crystals


Rare Apophyllite Pseudocubic Crystals with Pearly Pink Stilbite Crystals - Zeolite Healing Crystals


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