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Pink Cobalto Calcite

Pink Cobalto Calcite

Pink Cobaltoan Calcite is a talisman of love that will help one discover their true emotions buried within.

Pink Cobalto Calcite is a heart chakra stone believed to helps to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down. It can help you to feel compassion for yourself and other and enhances empathy and understanding in all areas of your own life.

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This is an exceptionally well formed pillar-like rhombohedral faced Pink Cobaltoan Cobalt-bearing Calcite specimen in matrix from Morocco with many fine crystals, including an extraordinary larger size crystal.
This outstanding Cobaltoan Cobalt-Bearing Calcite specimen measures 2.2" x 4.15" x 3.39" or 56mm x 105.4mm x 86.3mm.

Pink Cobalt Cobaltoan Calcite Exceptional Formation Crystals | 438g


Pink Cobalto Calcite | Cobaltoan Calcite and Malachite Crystals | 141grams


Pink Cobalto Calcite | Cobaltoan Calcite Crystals | 192grams | Crystals for Healing


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