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Live Sales FAQ

Welcome to CrystalRockology with Dave and Jen.  

Join Our Crystal Live Sale Events on FB and IG. Exact time are always announced beginning a few days to a few hours in advance so be sure to follow us on IG and FB. Make sure to follow us so you get notified whenever we go live! 

We Love Giving! Live Sales will always have Fun Giveaways throughout the live show.

Our Crystals are hand selected to ensure the best quality, and uniqueness!

Please read PARTICIPATION RULES below to see how our FB & IG lives operate, and when we ship.

                            HOW TO CLAIM A CRYSTAL LIVE on IG

Claiming a Crystal you like during the live is fun and easy! We do a table scan at the beginning and throughout the show. We invite you to ask to see any number or letter of Crystal that you'd like to see. If you request to see an item, we give you the first opportunity to purchase. If you pass, anyone may purchase at that time. If we randomly show an item, which we often do, anyone may claim. Once we show the number, (price), on the bottom of the crystal, you can type Sold# or Claim#” or Mine# or any of the above comments to claim. It also helps if you put an emoji after the claim to get our attention.The first person's comment that shows up on OUR screen first will get that crystal. We do not play favorites. Often there are lags in internet systems that will make it look like you are first. So please refresh your connection. Also, be advised that IG will always show to YOU your comment first, though it may not appear that way on our screen. Play with confidence and have fun!. If you are experiencing a lag during the live, there is nothing on our end we can do to make it quicker for you. Try going out and in of the live often, use emojis in your comments, and disconnect other devices from your WiFi. Some people have noted shutting the WiFi off on their phone seemed to work faster.

If you claim items during the live there are only a few things you will need to be aware of

*Be Paypal ready! We are currently billing only through Paypal. All PayPal invoices will go out immediately or the next day after the live. All invoices need to be paid within 24hrs after receiving your invoice. We can not do payment plans, or layaways. Please DO NOT make claims during the live if you are unable to complete your purchase within 24hrs. If you do not complete your purchase in this time frame we will send one reminder before canceling the invoice, and banning you so this issue does not persist. There is a zero tolerance policy for claiming crystal then not paying for them. Please communicate with us if you are having an issue. Not paying your invoice isn’t fair to others that may have wanted the items you claimed, and it creates more work for us to re-sell them.

* NO Put back or exchanges. Please only make claims on items you really want. 

*Private message us your email, if we do not have it.This is super important that you private message it to us here at CrystalRockology BEFORE the live is over. If we do not have your email, we can not send you a PayPal invoice. Please make sure the address you have listed on PayPal is updated and correct BEFORE we send your invoice. Our shipping labels will automatically print the address that is on your PayPal account. If we  ship to the wrong address because you did not have the correct address, we are not responsible for lost packages, or for another shipping label fee to ship it out again if it comes back to us.

*All Sales are final.

*If you would like us to keep your box open, just send us a private message before we send your invoice. Open boxes still need to be paid within 24hrs. We will make the invoice so you will only need to pay the total minus the shipping. Once you are ready to ship, we’ll  adjust the shipping accordingly and send your package out! Each live that you add more crystals, you will receive an updated invoice that must be paid within 24hrs before you can claim more crystals in another live. We will combine shipping based on weight to help you save on shipping fees.

*We ship USPS domestic, and internationally. Domestic rates start at $5. We will need to weigh your package to give a rate for international. All priority packages automatically come with $50 insurance. If you would like insurance beyond $50, please let us  know so we can charge accordingly. In very rare cases if you have a damaged crystal, we are not responsible for damages beyond $50 if there is no insurance purchased for the package. If your tracking number shows that your package was delivered, we are not responsible for stolen packages from your porch or mailbox. Your post office can do a satellite view of the exact spot your package was delivered. If they find that they delivered it to the wrong house, they will need to correct that issue for you.If packages are stolen the post office needs to be notified and you will need to ask the USPS for an investigation. Once we ship, it is out of our hands and in the hands of the USPS who is then responsible for the package delivery.. 

We meticulously wrap and package all Crystals securely. We pride ourselves on well packaged items!  All Packages are out within 1-3 business days (not counting holidays or weekends). Once shipped, you will receive a PayPal email with tracking. Make sure to check your junk mail if you do not see it.

*If there is ever a Crystal that you missed out on in a live, please send us a private message! If it’s something we may have additionally in stock or something we can get again, we would be happy to. We have a ton of Crystals that are not on the live table. If there is something you would like but didn’t see, you can message us, and if we have it we will make a video for you You can also check our website for our collection of Crystals, Gems and Minerals at:

* Have Fun, Good Vibes Only! 

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