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Amethyst is a Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakra Crystal that help heighten intution, Divine Connection & protection. 

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Amethyst Quartz Madagascar
Amethyst Elestial growth

Amethyst Scepter Cluster 21grams

Amethyst Cluster Scepter with rich purple color
Amethyst Scepter Cluster

Amethyst Scepter Cluster 21grams

Vogel Crystal with Rainbow inclusions.

Vogel Amethyst Crystal 180grams 12 sided | Energy Work

Stunning Peach Blossom Amethyst Crystal Cluster Mineral.
Amethyst with Peach Blossom formation.

Amethyst Crystal Peach Blossom 95grams

This is a large, sensational, rich purple, lustrous Amethyst Flower Stalactite Eye Formation crystals specimen from Uruguay with a highly polished face to highlight the exceptional banded flower eye structure.
A higher quality, eye popping Amethyst Flower Eye specimen, showing amethyst crystals on many sides of the piece; will be a fine addition to your collection and home decor.

Large Amethyst Flower Crystal Stalactite Eye Formation Uruguay 7" 2.9lbs

Beautiful Thunder Bay Amethyst with Hematite inclusion. From Moon Light Mine in Canada.
Thunder Bay Amethyst Crystal with Hematite inclusion from Moon Light Mine in Canada.

Amethyst Thunder Bay Moon Light Mine Rare Specimen 1.350lbs


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