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Fluorite, purple and white stair stepped specimen.


Fluorite Crystals are highly attractive to Collectors and Crystal Healers alike for their incredible beauty. Metaphysically they are stones for intution, clarity, protection, grounding, clearing and releasing.

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The Hidden Forest Pocket Fluorite, English Fluorite heart

Fluorite from The Hidden Forest Pocket | UV Reactive | 238grams

This is an excellent, higher quality combo of glassy, primarily transparent cubic yellow Fluorite with complex growth Calcite and well formed rhombohedral, saddle shaped Dolomite.
This is a terrific mingling of multiple minerals from Spain with rich, deep yellow Fluorite that is honey-like in color, representative of a higher quality specimen!

Excellent Glassy Fluorite Calcite Dolomite Combo Spain 123g

Fluorite, Zogno Italy with stepping and etching

Fluorite Rare Zogno Mine Italy

New Find Fluorite with Schorl Erongo Namibia
Fluorite with Schorl from New Find 2023 Namibia

Fluorite w/ Schorl | Lollipop Pocket Erongo Namibia 2023 Find! Exhaused Mine

Fluorite, Quartz, Schorl New Find Lollipop Pocket
New Find Mineral 2023 Erongo Namibia Fluorite

Fluorite, Quartz w/ Schorl | Lollipop Pocket Erongo Namibia 2023 Find! Exhaused Mine

Supernova Fluorite with Isolated Penetrating twins
Spectacular penetrating twins

Fluorite New Find! SuperNova Pocket 268grams

Supernova Fluorite Gemmy New Find!

Fluorite New Find! SuperNova Pocket 362grams UV Mineral

Fluorite combo from Erongo Namibia
Erongo Namibia mineral combo for collections

Fluorite with Goshenite Mica and Muscovite Combo Erongo Namibia

Fluorite Crystal Cluster from Milky Way Pocket
Fluorite Diana Maria Mine

Fluorite Milky Way Pocket, Diana Maria Mine 262grams; Penetration Twins

Gorgeous daylight color changing Fluorite
SuperNova Fluorite larger cluster cubed.

Fluorite New Find! SuperNova Pocket 438grams

SuperNova Fluorite England, UV, Daylight reactive
Large Cubed English Fluorite

Fluorite Large Cubes! SuperNova Pocket English 340grams

This is sensational example of Fluorite, Dolomite and Chalcopyrite with well formed yellow, cubic Fluorite on one side of the specimen and rhombohedral, saddle shaped Dolomite on the other side or under side.
There are very attractive clusters of well formed saddle shaped Dolomite crystals presenting on this specimen.

Fluorite Dolomite Moscona Mine Spain 45g Fluorescent

Beautiful Yellow Fluorite, Moscona Mine Spain.

Fluorite Moscona Mine Spain 70gram Calcite, Dolomite, Chalcopyrite

Gorgeous Supernova Fluorite a New Find mineral 2022

Fluorite New Find! SuperNova Pocket 319grams

Excellent Purple Rain Fluorite; English Fluorite

Fluorite Purple Rain Pocket | UV Reactive | 1.08lbs

Purple Fluorite from Cave in Rock IL Hasties Quarry.
Fluorite from Cave in Rock IL

Fluorite Cave-in-Rock Hasties Quarry IL. 33grams

Supernova Fluorite in a Quartz Cluster with sparkling druzy quartz.
Beautiful Fluorite from the new find Supernova pocket in England.

Fluorite New Find! SuperNova Pocket 378grams

Large Cubed Fluorite from the Supernova pocket Diana Maria mine.
Supernova pocket uv reactive Fluorite

Fluorite New Find! SuperNova Pocket 322grams

Fluorite Crystal Mineral from Morocco

Fluorite Self-Standing Lustrous Crystals

Milky Way Fluorite UV reactive and daylight reactive

Fluorite Milky Way Pocket, Diana Maria Mine Crystal 267grams

Milky Way Fluorite ball, Diana Maria Mine, England

Fluorite Milky Way Pocket, Diana Maria Mine Crystal Ball 279grams


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