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Tibetan Himalayan Quartz Crystal Large 5" Wand with Second Crystal - Healing Crystals

Rare, Himalayan Quartz Crystal Wand with Second Crystal contact. Beautiful Faucets and apex on tip of primary crystal point. Mostly water clear. Free Shipping, Click to buy! Ethically sourced and Hand minded high up in the Himalayas only by the locals, this crystal embodies the mood of some of the highest deposits on Earth (Up to 15,000 ft above sea level). While Himalayan Quartz properties can connect to and aid all chakra’s, it specializes in helping to activate the crown chakra. The Crown Chakra is your energetic passageway from your basic consciousness to your Higher Self. Himalayan Quartz will also amplify and recharge the energetic properties of other crystals. By placing your other crystals and even crystal jewelry on a large Himalayan quartz cluster, it will help to clear out stagnant energy and charge them back to their optimum frequency. Himalayan Quartz instills clarity of mind to guide you through the many lessons that life brings with the wisdom of a Teacher. Place it in your home, workspace to bring a fresh perspective that will lead you to your Higher Self. You'll love this one! It radiates beauty and healing light energy. Measures 5" L x 1.25"W at base. Weighs .238lbs, 3.80 oz. . Follow us on FB and IG Shop more beautiful Crystals with us here: Join and subscribe for saving coupon and Crystal newsletter.

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