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Sodalite " Diamond" Darkest Blue Polished Tumbled Stones

Sodalite, Diamond Grade Excellent Deepest Dark Blue Sodalite available. Intuitively selected. Sizes ranges but averages around 1" x 1/2"thick.  Excellent for Crystal Grids, pocket stone, meditation stones. Sodalite encourages detachment from the concerns and worries of everyday life. It can reduce stress and anxiety by allowing you to see your reality from a higher more serene perspective. Sodalite is a good study aid, especially when you are learning something new or unfamiliar. Known as the "Writer's Stone." Helping to bring creativity to life. Sodalite is a grounding tool for use as you channel inspirational, spiritual and metaphysical writings. It helps you keep your focus on your third eye chakra, which allows you to activate clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognisance, clairsentience, clairolfaction and clairgustation. This dark blue stone is a perfect tool for meditation, as it helps calm incessant internal chatter. Sodalite is good for connecting with the angels. Sodalite balances rampant emotions. This is a perfect stone for calming and releasing anger and frustration. Use this stone to help quell emotional outbursts brought on by PMS, menopause or any other hormone related issues. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of for this stone. By far, one of our favorites!

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