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Indigo Gabbro I Mystic Merlinite Sphere | 288 grams or 57mm | Crystal Ball

Indigo Gabbro, Mystic Merlinite Sphere 57mm. Large Crystal Sphere.  Weighs 288 gram.

Indigo Gabbro, also known as Mystic Merlinite is a newly mined crystal from Madagascar. A relatively new crystal that has only surfaced in the last few years. It has an amazing array of colors from light indigo purple to black. It has a very good energy when held in your hand. Gabbro is a combination of multiple minerals containing Feldspar, Chlorite, Serpentine, Muscovite, Pyroxene, Hercynite, and Magnetite in a charcoal colored matrix; it may also contain small amounts of Olivine, Chrome Garnet, Actinolite, and Biotite. Although it has a wide range of properties, one of Mystic Merlinite’s strongest abilities is to bring a full understanding of both our light and shadow sides. Mystic Merlinite fully aligns the chakra column, sending balanced currents from the root to the crown. It enhances the ability to manifest and co-create to the maximum potential. The alignment properties of this stone also apply to the joints and spine, assisting one in recovering from related misalignments. The vibrations of this stone are extremely powerful and relate directly to the planet Pluto. 

*This information does not intend to serve as medical advice, cure any diseases, and should not be relied upon in your health-related decision making. This information is available to assist in expanding your understanding of prevailing beliefs in the metaphysical fields.

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