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Quartz Crystal Singles & Clusters | Arkansas Quartz

Quartz Crystal Singles & Clusters | Arkansas Quartz

Arkansas Quartz Crystals. Sourced from the World famous Ron Coleman Mine. Pure and Clear. Quartz is one of the most versatile and powerful of Crystals acting not only as a magnifier, a conductor, transmitter, and programmer.

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Arkansas Quartz Crystal point with very nice water clarity.

Arkansas Crystal Quartz 123g | Water Clear | Healing Crystal

Beautiful Quartz Crystal standing point from Arkansas.

Arkansas Crystal Quartz 142g | Nice Clarity | Healing Crystal

Rare Arkansas Quartz Crystal with a large point and a tabular Crystal growing from it.

Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster with Tabular Crystal 242g.

Large, Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster with alot going on in this specimen.

Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster 191g.

Arkansas quartz crystal point standing with cluster at the base.
Beautiful Arkansas Quartz point standing.

Arkansas Crystal Quartz Point 162g | Healing Crystal

Arkansas Quartz Crystal with natural crackle effect,.
Arkansas Quartz Crystal standing point.

Arkansas Crystal Quartz 130g | Natural Crackle | Healing Crystal


Arkansas Crystal Quartz, 159g - Amazing Water Clarity A+ Quality- Healing Crystal


Arkansas Quartz Crystal Point Water Clear 146grams


Arkansas Crystal Quartz, Healing Crystals, Clear with Key


Natural Quartz Crystal- Water Clear Arkansas Quartz - Ron Coleman Mine


Arkansas Clear Quartz Crystal 22 grams


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