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Grape Agate Amethyst large rare specimen

Crystals, Minerals and Stones

CrystalRockology specializes in quality Crystals, Minerals and Stones at affordable prices. A knowledgeable Crystal Shop that intuitively and lovingly selects from sources around the world. 

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Topaz variety Imperial | Authentic from Zambia | 8grams


Pink Cobalto Calcite | Cobaltoan Calcite and Malachite Crystals | 141grams


Spectacular Mangano - Manganoan Calcite, 513g. Peace and Tranquility Crystal


Brazilian Agate Star Crystal Natural, Polished Druzy Crystals


Brazilian Agate Cat Cut Shape, Natural Polished Stone, Crystal with Druzy


Brazilian Banded Agate Moon, Natural Polished Stone - Moon Crystal


Seafoam Calcite Palm Stone | Caribbean Blue| Healing Crystal


Flower Agate Larger Gallet Palmstone | 340grams Crystals for Healing

Arkansas Quartz Crystal point sourced from Ron Coleman Mine.

Crystal Arkansas Quartz Water Clear Quality Clarity A+ Healing Crystals


Crystal -Arkansas Quartz Crystal Water Clear Quality Clarity A+ Healing Crystals Energy, Piece Ron Coleman Mine


Arkansas Crystal Quartz, Healing Crystals, Clear with Key


Tube Agate Cabochon with Crystals


Seafoam Calcite Palm Stone - Healing Crystal, Peaceful Meditation Stone


Peach Moonstone Large Palm Stone, Divine Feminine - Fertility - Creativity Stone


Quartz Crystal-Arkansas Quartz -Nice Point from Ron Coleman Mine - Healing Crystal


Lemurian Quartz Crystal 3.5" Healing Crystal


1 Salrose Tumbled Stone | Polished Salrose Pink Cobaltoan Calcite


Rhodochrosite Natural Crystal Specimen


Amazonite Tumbled Stone - Polished Stones "A Grade" Healing Crystals


Awesome Needle Quartz Crystal Specimen from Bulgaria


Prophecy Stone | Hematite, Goethite Pseudomorph after Marcasite, Pyrite 15Grams


Prophecy Stone | Hematite, Goethite Pseudomorph after Marcasite, Pyrite LG 52Grams


Awesome Needle Quartz Crystal Specimen XLG 1.82lbs or 827g.


Dumortierite in Quartz Excellent Quality A+ 10g.


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