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Ruby Fuchsite Crystal Meaning and Properities

Large Ruby Fuchsite Sphere on black background. Vivid red and green colors.

The combination of minerals that is the beautiful stone called Ruby Fuchsite is also known in the mineralogical world as Ruby (var. Corundum) in Muscovite Mica (var. Fuchsite).  The amount of Chromite (Cr = the combination of Iron Oxide and Chromium) in the Muscovite (var. Fuchsite) determines the variations and intensities of swirling green colors: from light green to dark green, even dark olive green, presenting a striking contrast with the rubies.  The rubies in fuchsite are sometimes surrounded by layers of gorgeous blue-green Kyanite...and the hexangonal habit of the rubies is often evident in Ruby Fuchsite or Ruby Kyanite.  

Ruby Fuchsite is a beautiful mineral that is found in India.It is a very cool stone that UV fluoresces in a way that makes it look like a planet in our solar system. 

It is a Crystal that inspires life force energy, love and passion. Ruby Fuchsite is both strengthening and fortifying for the emotional body. Reminding us that we can overcome any past hurts that we have allowed to trouble us. It encourages us to have confidence, appreciation and value for ourselves.It helps us get back to true self love. It can assist us heal and release past traumas and hurts. It works to bring us back to our own self acceptance and to see, feel experience and appreciate our worthiness. Helping us to remember true love and ushers it back into our body on deeper levels, spiritual, emotional and physical.  

As a Heart Chakra stone it is composed of both the Ruby and Fuchsite making it a powerful heart healing stone. Opening our hearts to feel deeper levels of love and passion in all areas of our lives. It amplifies and radiates love and vitality into all areas of our lives.

As a Root Chakra stone it is nurturing, calming to our energy bodies. Bringing balance and inner flow and regulation to our system. It reminds us to value ourselves. 

Ruby Fuchsite encourages strength and life force energy making it a favorite for those working with Crystal for metaphysical practices, Crystal Healing work, and for collectors alike. 

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