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Rhodochrosite - The Stone of a Compassionate Heart

Rhodochrosite, polished obelisks or towers around 1.5-3" tall."

Rhodochrosite is all around a sweet stone to work with because of it’s ability to tap into emotional healing, rediscovery of self-love and interests, including life’s passions. It comes in varying colors of pinks. This explains why it works so well with opening up the Heart Chakra as do most crystals in this color; however, I feel that Rhodochrosite has a little something special when it comes to emotional healing of the heart.  Rhodochrosite works so well with our own emotional healing, but then it also expands and helps us to help others and the world around us. It helps us recall our blocks from our past, it helps us to realize them, release them and free ourselves of them. It also gives us the support and strength to move forward in love and grace. Many people spend lifetimes not realizing what has been holding them back. Rhodochrosite helps us to remember and remove. It brings with it awareness, cleansing and recovery from our past. 

Wearing, carrying or mediating with Rhodochrosite helps make one happy, cheerful and fun. It is mentally stimulating in a good way, giving vision to lost dreams and desires and helps us realize that we can attain them. It enhances passion and sensuality.

Known as the stone of the compassionate heart. 

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