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Prophecy Stone | Hematite, Goethite Pseudomorph after Marcasite, Pyrite LG 74Grams

Prophecy Stone, Hematite, Goethite Pseudomorph after Marcasite / Pyrite. Large, 74Grams. Out of this World! Awesome meditation stones. Free Shipping, Click to buy!

The highly unusual formations that grew on this pseudomorph are truly unique! Particularly intriquing are the two elongated accoridan shaped formations that grew close to each other. WE love the stacked geometric structures!
Sourced from: White Desert, Egypt.

Measures: 1.63" x 1.47 x 1.4" 
or mm 41.5x 37.5mm x 35.7mm

The occurrence of what is referenced as Prophecy Stones in the mineral existence of our planet is a truly intriguing and awe inspiring phenomenon.
They are a pseudomorph (a mineral having the characteristic outward form of another species), Hematite / Goethite After Marcasite / Pyrite. It’s origin or original crystal formation or structure stays or maintains from the Marcasite / Pyrite - but has morphed and the molecules transformed completely into something else!
Prophecy Stones are found in a very remote area, situated far from the main centers of population, in the White Desert in Egypt. So when they become available it is wise to grab them up, especially if you find yourself drawn to particular specimens. Each one is uniquely fascinating. We love the fractal like growth of these stones.

Seeking purposeful astral connection and understanding? Prophecy Stones are often the powerful tool of choice. Metaphysically, Prophecy Stones are exceptionally high vibration, not grounding as one might think because of their hematite / goethite composition. The 3rd Eye may be really opened up when utilizing these tools during mediation and vision work. For those that find their vibration entrained with these stones, you’ll no doubt feel more frequent, high vibrational awareness and inspired experiences.

All metaphysical references and information provided by Crystalrockology about crystals is solely for spiritual purposes and should not be used for medical advice or treatment. Consult a licensed healthcare professional for any medical concerns you may have.

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