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Pink Amethyst Geode Crystal | Highest Quality Sparkle Specimen 165grams

Specializing in the highest quality Pink Amethyst Crystal Geodes available. Sensational, top quality, super gemmy, high lustrous, well formed Pink Amethyst crystal geode. Some double-terminated crystals are also present in this incredibly rare specimen. Exceptional high end sparkle. Outstanding example of dark lusterous pink crystals in this Pink Amethyst. 

Exceptional High Quality Pink Amethyst
Measures: 3.04x 2.38" x 1.66 deep. ***See note below.
Weighs 164 grams, 5.8oz

This is one of the highest quality deepest dark Pink Amethyst Crystals that we have seen. Very Gemmy, very high luster specimen. Exquisite, commandingly beautiful Pink Amethyst Geode Crystals excellent rich fine terminations! The pink amethyst crystals or so sparkly and gemmy.

*** Please note the size listed of the crystal geode before purchasing and know that High Quality Pink Amethyst Crystal Geode specimens are typically smaller in size than amethyst of the purple variety. Sizes of Pink Amethyst Crystal Geode mineral specimens are classified in the following way:

Pink Amethyst Crystal Geode Minerals Sorted By Size:

Thumbnail-Sized Specimens
Centimeters: 0.2 to 3cm
Inches: 1/16” to 1-1/8”

Miniature-Sized Specimens
Centimeters: 3 to 6cm
Inches: 1-1/8” to 2-1/2”

Cabinet-Sized Specimens
Centimeters: 6 to 10cm
Inches: 2-1/2” to 4”

While there may be a few extraordinary exceptions, rarely do High Quality Pink Amethyst Crystal Geode Specimens occur larger than 4 inches. We are fortunate to have a reputable contact direct with the mines in Argentina to receive the Highest Quality Pink Amethyst Crystal Geodes and seek the larger sized specimens whenever they are available and note that they are “larger” in our listings. We consider a Pink Amethyst Crystal Geode over 3 inches in size as presenting on the larger side of how they naturally occur in nature. Please purchase with confidence that you are buying from reputable sellers that place a high priority on transparency and integrity. Thank you.

Radiating Divine Love

Pink Amethyst geode crystals are a relatively new discovery - a form of Quartz from Patagonia, Argentina.

pale lilac/pink to a toned peachy/pink
Inclusions of Hematite result in the presenting of varying intensities of pink color. Scientific study reveals that this form of Quartz is closer to the properties of Amethyst than to either Rose Quartz or Pink Quartz and can therefore be appropriately called Pink Amethyst.

Pink Amethyst connects to and stimulates your heart, third eye and crown chakras. This beautiful crystal helps you view your life experiences from the higher perspective of your soul, motivating you to take action with a strong sense of divine love.

Pink Amethyst frequency - it’s gentle, however powerful energy - arouses your intuition so that you are guided by your soul in all areas of your life and experiences. This crystal helps you overcome stressful situations.
Lovingly, Pink Amethyst helps you to become non-judgemental and accepting of others for who they really are.

All metaphysical references and information provided by Crystalrockology about crystals is solely for spiritual purposes and should not be used for medical advice or treatment.

+ Note: The photos of this Pink Amethyst Crystal geode were carefully captured in an overcast (indirect sunlight) outdoor setting. The outdoor setting helps present the most accurate color representation. As with all amethyst, it is highly recommended that you do not expose it to bright sunlight -

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