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Vera Cruz Amethyst Crystal Point | 58gram Specimen | High Vibration Crystals

Vera Cruz Amethyst Crystal point with triggers. Light lilac hues in this Amethyst Vera Cruz Crystal.

*Please note size and dimensions: 58grams and  63.7mm x 52.5mm x 23.4mm or 2.51" x 2.06" x .92".

Vera Cruz Amethyst is named as it originates from the Las Vigas Mine, in Vera Cruz, Mexico. The crystal is now quite rare, as the mine was shut down many years ago. Vera Cruz Amethyst runs at a higher vibration than most other varieties. It has a strong spiritual focus. Used on the third eye, it activates the pineal gland – connecting you with your higher self, while also bringing balance and conflict resolution between the left and right hand hemispheres of the brain. Working with Vera Cruz Amethyst helps to accelerate ones personal and spiritual growth exponentially.

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