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Sunstone Sphere | 50mm | Stone of Joy & Abundance

Beautiful Sunstone Sphere with chatoyant sparkles of sun throughout. Measures 50mm in diameter or 1.96" Weighs: 169grams. 

Sunstone is a variety of Feldspar (icMrocline or Oligostase,) that has schiller, commonaly with an orange-redish brown color, due to the presence of small Hematite Crystals that give it a flash and sparkle.

Sunstone is the stone of Joy, light, happiness, good luck, enjoyment of life and nature. When you carry or wear Sunstone you feel energetically kind and inspired to emanate blessings to others. Sunstone is also a stone of good for clearing and aligning chakras to elevate intuition. It is an excellent tool with which to raise vibration for healing and representing the restoring power of the sun.

Sunstone is governed by Sun and is beneficial for people born under Moon sign Leo, Libra and Pisces. Sunstone is good for the root and sacral Chakras however it is believed to work on all of the aura and Chakras for clearing and cleansing.

Sunstone is good for calming tension and nervous feelings in the stomach.

Sourced from India.

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