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Purple Anhydrite Palm Stone Crystal Rare Purple / Violet Color 264g. | Ascension Stone

Purple Anhydrite with Peach Anhydrite and Chrome Diopside is a rarer Crystal. It is a lusterous mineral with a hardness of 3 -3.5. XLG PalmStone specimen is a violet/purple/peach/green Anhydrite polished Crystal. 264grams or .582lbs. Excellent chatoyancy. Click to Buy!
Measures: 3.31" x 2.34"x 1.28" or 84.2mm 59.4mm x 32.5mm.
Sourced: Madagascar
Purple Anhydrite is genuinely scarce and very difficult to obtain. When it is available, it’s usually only in small amounts. So when you have the chance to grab a piece, don’t hesitate. The color of this shimmering Anhydrite from Tulear, Madagascar varies from light silvery lilac to very dark purple. Purple Anhydrite often occurs with Peach Anhydrite and very dark green, almost black looking Chrome Diopside. The word Anhydrite means “without water”. The purple color is the result of the loss of water in a rock that is forming into Gypsum. It’s important to keep Purple Anhydrite away from water or it may return back to gypsum. The chatoyant sheen of Purple Anhydrite is captivating!
Metaphysical uses: Ascension Stone and for calling in your spirit guides. Powerfully activates the Crown Chakra.

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