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Intricate Crazy Lace Agate Polished Stands Larger Decor | 463g

This is a beautiful, larger size, freeform of intricately patterned Crazy Lace Agate featuring complex, fascinating angular zigzags, lace-like patterns, eye fortifications, and crystalline vugs or pockets. 5.55" x 3.93" x 1.43" or 141mm x 99.9mm x 36.5mm. One side is beautifully polished flat with the opposite side left raw to offer exploration of the all natural banded and botryoidal structure. The base of the piece has been cut to enable this Crazy Lace Agate freeform to stand and display in your collection or as a fine accent for your home decor. This piece has been very naturally shaped to present both a polished, finished look and to appeal to those who also enjoy the raw, geologically distinctive features...taking advantage of the best attributes of the stone. Translucency along some of the banding in the Quartz var. Chalcedony appears to exhibit some of the features as if they are floating within the piece. Characteristic for this type of agate there are 100% natural, sparkling crystalline vugs or pockets that add to the attractive and curious earthiness of the piece. 463 grams.

5.55" x 3.93" x 1.43" or 141mm x 99.9mm x 36.5mm.  

Source:  Chihuahua Sierra Santa Lucia, Benito Jaurez, Mexico. This location is famous for some of the best Crazy Lace Agate and Lace Agate in the world.

Agate is primarily a microcrystalline quartz var. chalcedony most frequently found within volcanic and metamorphic rocks.  Crazy Lace Agate and Lace Agate have been studied mineralogically to be infused with iron, hematite, aluminum and manganese, and geologically determined to have developed approximately 70 to 90 million years ago, during the cretaceous period.    

Metaphysical considerations:  Agate is a wonderful, spiritually awakening tool for elevating consciousness and revealing new opportunities and good change.  Looking for motivation and harmonizing balance?  Agate is a great choice.


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